Hey Beautiful,
Beautiful Face. Beautiful Smile. Beautiful Eyes. Beautiful Laugh. Beautiful Mind. Beautiful Soul. Beautiful Spirit. Beautiful Being.

Things are changing again. We’ve welcomed another new year, and we’re…scared? overwhelmed? defeated? numb? hopeful? encouraged? excited? cautiously optimistic? It’s a new year that could bring the restart of a 12 month clock that nearly counted down to our breaking points. It’s a new year that could change everything.

Things are changing again, and we’re a couple weeks into a new season. A season that brings a special flavor of depression for most people I know. I’m so sorry, loves. I feel it. I drag my feet through it. I would shake my fists and stomp my feet at that dark cloud—if I had the energy. I know you would too. But you KNOW that this season will change too. It always does. The cold air will get warmer. The short days will get longer. And we all will have made it through. Together.

Things are changing again, sweet friends. If you’ve spent the past months campaigning with all of the passion you have, you’re looking to redirect. Because in just two short weeks this country will change. Audio recordings and obstinance aside—things are changing again.

This is the time of year when we look into ourselves to change too. What do we want to do different in our lives? What do we want to improve? How do we want to change our day to day routines, our bodies, our homes? As everything around us is changing, why not change ourselves?

I’m at such peace, y’all. I know that I have battles to fight. But I know that the seasonal depression will fade with the winter. The doctors will advise, and I will listen. My body will do what it’s going to do. I will go to church every single service that I can and read my Bible every moment that God inspired me to. I will take notes and study the Word. I will share what Jesus whispers in my ear. I will WORSHIP at the top of my lungs and dance until I fall. I’m going to drink my coffee and read my books. I’m going to sell LuLaRoe and help with Service Dogs. I’m going to continue working towards my degree. Those are things I’m going to do. But they are not resolutions. They are who I am. WHO I AM. And I am so at peace with who I am today.

Are you?


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