I turned in my last final last night. Finishing finals means finishing my first semester back in school post Adrenal Failure. My first semester back since I took Medical Leave in the middle of the Fall 2019 semester. My first semester back since leaving D.C. to come home. And I did it virtually during a global pandemic.

That’s a HUGE thing to celebrate, and I am crazy proud of myself—of this achievement, this milestone, this victory.

But the battle with my body is ongoing. I made a deal with Dr. V, my treating Endocrinologist, that I would drop my Hydrocortisone dose as soon I finished my exams. The key to getting my Adrenal function back is to wean off of the steroids completely. This is a process that I have been working on for over a year now. The last time I attempted a drop in dosage, I ended up back in crisis. Those are the pictures you see here. It was mid-August, and my body did a total shutdown. We had to abandon that dose drop almost as soon as it started. I’ve been back up at the dose my body was happy with ever since. It got me through the semester of school, starting the LuLaRoe business, and all of the other joy you’ve seen lately.

But I know that I have to try again. And the time has come. So tomorrow we drop. And we hope for the best. We hope that I’m stronger now. We hope that I’m more stable. We hope that my Hippocampus wants to do its job and that my Adrenal Glands feel like making Cortisol. And if not—we know that there’s a plan in place and that ultimately, God has me.

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  1. Congratulations! Your studies continuing is the one and only positive side effect of the pandemic! I’ll be holding my breath while you transition down on your meds again – you just breath, ok? Sending love!


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