Diagnosis Be Damned

My Island

I used to run around this island and swim off the dock. I used to rock climb and pick blueberries. I could paddle a canoe. I was strong enough to ring the dinner bell and wash the dishes when dinner was through. I was awake longer than the sun.

pater, Protector, Provider

But my daddy. My daddy surprised both of us that night when I called. He told me to start packing my bags. He very calmly announced that if I was that sick, it was time to come home and regroup. In that moment, my daddy began protecting me from myself. He stopped the panicking voices in my head that were fighting over whether or not American University or my life were more important. He stopped the very persistent voice that was screaming about how I was letting him down. He stopped my tears. He provided a solution to the problem that I felt I had been facing alone. Suddenly–we were a team of three.

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