Coffee Talk

Some coffee talk this morning ☕️

It’s snowing…again. I fell asleep watching it snow last night. Everyone says that this is barely snow. I’m wondering if I’ll get so used to the snow that I won’t rush to the window each time it starts to fall just to watch the sky glitter.

-4° is very cold. 110° is very hot. Breathing feels a bit challenging at both ends of the spectrum, but I’ve found myself thinking more about my bedroom windows than about my lungs. Last night, I was watching the snow and feeling a deep sense of calm at the quiet bright. And just a few months ago, I was falling asleep to the gentle sounds of a summer breeze and bugs through the lifted glass. I am adamantly and vehemently opposed to window coverings because they separate me from the outside world, yet a mohair blanket is currently hanging over one of mine to keep my little nook of the world cozy. I demanded that a few inches of visibility be left across the top, and I snuggle a little closer to Cabbage.

Guys, I think what I’m experiencing now is still the tail end of fall here in the Falls. The lake is not yet so iced over that it can be driven across. In fact, you can still see open water in some places. But there are medians made from snow mountains in the street. And people have to identify themselves through their layers. And trucks have shovels on the front of them. And instead of bike lanes there are snowmobile lanes. And…

I love it.

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