Out of Order — Part Two


I’d definitely like to think I’m more than just a bunch of diagnoses, and maybe I should have told you those things about myself first. However, the name of the blog is “Diagnosis Be Damned” and the name of the post is “Out of Order,” so it should be okay either way.

Okay so I have started and restarted typing the next sentence of this post about a hundred times because it turns out I am super bad at talking about myself in the way that I originally intended to. I never really thought I looked at myself in such a clinical way–my last post–but maybe I do. It’s easier that way for someone who has anxiety maybe? I can’t change the things that happen to me, but the choices I make that make me who I am can be talked about and judged. 

Oof. That last bit was a little deep, so I’ll move on to my darlingest friend Jess’s input. She definitely dove deep too, but she started with some light things like how I am: hilarious, sassy AF, a great baker (facts), obsessed with Disney movies, spontaneous, and a boho flower child. On a more serious note, she added things like how I am: as in love with her service dog Fauna as she is, empathic, inquisitive, stubborn as Hell, extremely loyal, and selfless in that I always put others before myself. I feel as though some of those are a bunch of pish posh, but I’ll let it slide because these are her contributions and not mine.

I texted my best friend Makayla and told her to tell me about me, and she responded, “STFU literally telling my therapist about you right now,” which could be terrifying, but I’m okay with it because Makayla is my ride or die, and we’re basically married. I already know all the bad things she has to say about me. She mostly loves me despite them.

Marcus says I am small, opinionated, compassionate, and tempting (insert face palm emoji here). Empathetic and stubborn also came up when talking to him. If those were said by two different people, they must be true?

Other things that I feel it is important to note are that I am extremely family oriented, my friends mean the world to me, I have an incredible Service Dog named Cabbage who takes the best care of me, my happy place is on a little island in the boundary waters between Minnesota and Canada (but only in the summer because I absolutely DO NOT do cold), I’m probably wearing LulaRoe, I have in fact read that, if it’s a Saturday during football season you can find me watching the SEC (I am a Vol for life), my car’s name is Sammi (but I’m not allowed to drive her anymore because seizures), and I am a tiny human–like microscopic.

And that’s me 🙂 Tell me about you in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Out of Order — Part Two

  1. Hi Emma! Your blog is awesome! I really like how you talk about the difficulties you face but also just who you are as a person. Not much of a need to introduce myself (this is Grace from high school) but here we go! I’m Grace, I’m going into my senior year of college and I just so happen to have a oculo-muscular condition. I also love baking and embroidery, both of which have defined my quarantine.


    1. GRACE!! I am thrilled that you are here! Thrilled. I remember your love of baking. We should do some fun challenge where we give each other new recipes to try and report back. I am learning to embroider. I have a mangled pair of jeans to prove it. I had no idea about your oculo-muscular condition. Welcome to a community of people who get it 🙂


  2. Hey Emma! Thank you for speaking the raw and honest truth that I found myself relating to! I have celiac disease and likely other conditions as well – just waiting for the world to restart! I LOVE the way you talk about your Crohn’s… it’s true for Celiac too!! I’m having all sorts of other issues and waited forever to be seen by specialists only for them to keep getting pushed back. Now I get to suffer in silence every day because everything is shut down. My name is Kaitlyn, I am 23 and a month away from graduating (late) from college, I have some big passions and goals, I am obsessed with golden retrievers (and dogs in general!), I love spending time with my family and I love making people happy!


    1. Welcome! Girl let me tell you that this journey is FRUSTRATING, but once you find that team of specialists who are interested and who care it gets so much better. I too have some big passions and goals 🙂 I hope you will get some laughs out of Cabbage’s antics–he’s the love of my life, oh my God. My family are literally my favorite humans, and all I want is spread a little joy in other people’s lives. I think we will be fast friends ❤


    1. Ahhh! I’m so glad you’re here! Not gonna lie–your Lula adventure has been a huge inspiration and boost in my confidence towards getting this thing off the ground.


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