My Life Partner

People and animals will come and go in my life. I will move from place to place in this world. Different things will capture my interest and take up my time as I grow. The one thing that I can count on to never leave me, to be my constant companion, to remain present through it all no matter who I am with, where in the world I am, or what I am doing is my life partner–Judas.

Tomorrow Will Be Better

I want to sit in my bed on days when I have no other choice because of Extreme Adrenal Insufficiency or Dysautonomia or Crohn’s Disease or one of my three kinds of migraines or Ehlers Danlos Syndrome or Endometriosis or Fibromyalgia and know that there’s an online world of people out there who could be my friends if I just had the confidence to look for them because this loneliness is suffocating me. Mostly, I want to write again. I want to put my words out there in a way I haven’t been able to since my health got really bad again. Who knows? Maybe some of those things can go together?