One Year Later

I woke up today.

Read that again. Celebrate with me. I woke up today.

I woke up today because one year ago, I admitted that it was time to accept help and move home to start the process towards recovery. Still in Adrenal Crisis, but no longer in Adrenal Failure, I left DC and allowed my parents to do what they have always done best: love me and care for me.

That first week at home, my Da was around to help keep me alive so that my parents could go to work. I don’t remember anything about him being here other than that every time I woke up, he was trying to force food down my throat. It made me angry. I am so incredibly grateful for it now. I also remember that at some point in that first week, my life line arrived. My Cabbage moved in and he has not left my side since. The only other memory I have of the first few days back is sleeping on the couch in my parent’s bedroom like I was a little kid because I couldn’t be left alone for any period of time.

So much has changed. I have come so far.

Today is Halloween one year later, and I feel good.

I am winding down my first semester back in school. I spend time at Roverchase, sometimes volunteering for the Roverchase Foundation. And I am officially announcing that this week I started my own business!

I am thrilled to be telling you about Well-Being Wardrobe, a small business where I am all about empowering women to be well through stylish comfort. We will feature the LuLaRoe clothing line and handmade happies. Go ahead and like my business on Facebook, and follow @wellbeingwardrobe on Instagram and Well-Being Wardrobe on Pinterest. Be looking for it to go live in the next few weeks! I am so excited about this new adventure in my life. Let’s be well, together 🙂

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